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"Fast and easy. Brought my phone back to new! Didn't have to worry about transferring my contacts or anything to a new phone is the best. Very friendly and reliable too. Will definitely go this route when my phone breaks again."

--Sean N.

Cross Lake, MN

"I called Amanda, I was in a last minute bind. I have (had) a Droid Mini and needed to upgrade as my phone was dying on me. I was told that I had to call customer service, pay $100 deductible because of the glass protector or the backside camera lens being shattered, get a new phone sent to me and then go ahead and upgrade my phone. I was so mad and frustrated, I started calling around to businesses that supossedly fixed anything. Nope. Amanda was my only hope. Not only did she save me $100 dollars, but she also saved me from having to open a third cell line in order to get a new device. She was quick and happy to do it last minute!! She saved me big time!!! Thank you Amanda"

--Shana C.

--Brainerd, MN

"Amanda is amazing!! Quick, easy service!

Fixed 3 phones for us in one evening!!

We walked away from her home office happy HAPPY customers!!!!"

--Michelle B.

--Crosby, MN


"I need my Phone for Work.

I Doc fixed it in 20 min and at a very reasonable price!

great service!!"

--Jeremy R.

--Brainerd, MN

"If anyone has a cracked screen or is looking for an everything-proof case, Amanda at iDoc Phone Repair is the way to go!!! She fixed my shattered phone screen and is super friendly, fast, yet efficient! With also many years of experience at fixing devices. Thanks Amanda. :)."

--Stephanie P.

--Brainerd, MN