Why iDoc?

** Screen perfectly aligned.
** Home button sits properly (not crooked
** Corners and sidewalls dent free (reshaped with a tool system specifically designed for fixing corners and sidewalls on the iPad)
** Free of any smudges, fingerprints, lint, dust particles etc between the glass and LCD (EXTREMELY difficult to do unless in a room with reverse air flow....ex: operating room)
** Also, no worry of screen lifting, coming loose, "popping off" etc.... The iPad screen's are only held on with an adhesive tape. Most shops/people just use a basic double sided thin cheap tape, I use an extremely strong and durable double sided adhesive from my distributor (eTech)

I asked myself, "What sets iDoc Phone Repair, apart from other repair shops..?"

There are many things that came to mind...but to me, one of the most important, was WORKMANSHIP!!

I guarantee that what I put into each and every repair I do, by far supersedes that of any other!

Specifically, what comes to mind are the iPads I repair.

Anyone can say they know how to replace a screen... but I promise that is very far from the truth, there is so much that goes into a high quality repair! And the actual quality of work that goes into my (iPad) repairs, is like none other!

You need to ask yourself when looking for repair work for your $600++ device... Do you want it done fast? Or do you want it done RIGHT!?? Although yes, of course I can do "fast" on many devices without compromising quality, but when it comes to iPads specifically, you cannot do "fast", without sacrificing quality!  
Here are a few pics below explaining "why".

I love what I do! I love helping people out and seeing "the look" on customers faces when they see how nice their device looks! I put a lot of pride in the work I do!!

And of course I want to mention the awesome crew at eTech Parts, who not only supply me with the parts I need to do the high quality repairs, but they also provide great support....from making sure I have my parts overnight, to having immediate access to their technicians to answer any questions or give advice about using specific products!!

Obviously, I wouldn't be able to write this post if I wasn't CONFIDENT in the parts I was putting in the devices!

Call/Text: (218) 330-7959